About Me


I’m Dana. In my former life I was a reporter and some time anchor at the NBC affiliate (9News) in Denver, Colorado. I’m also in recovery from a nasty addiction to pain killers that I developed after hip surgery a few years ago. After getting clean I decided to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in order to heal, so I asked myself how I could fit as many nutrients as possible into one simple (sort of) meal. The answer came in the form of a smoothie! Clapping emoji. In my smoothies, I pack plenty of greens, seeds, plant proteins, fruit, healthy fats, collagen and adaptogens (adaptogens are plants and roots that help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. They also help balance hormones and lower cortisol levels. A well-known example is ginseng). I also use adaptogens in juices and lattes! There are so many combinations. And how do I stay honest? I’m true to myself. I practice being vulnerable. I do something that scares me once a day. I set boundaries and say NO when necessary. I no longer put up with people’s sh*t, and I don’t give it to them anymore either. I’m just moving forward in my life with my three crazy kids and exasperated husband! Wink emoji.