My Legacy for Maya

Blog Post 1

This girl … My oldest. As I approach 1 year of sobriety, I pull her closer to me (physically and emotionally) everyday. She saw the most of what I went through. She cried almost every night when I was gone in treatment. The pain of knowing that goes too deep for tears. But here’s the good news: she saw me fight to climb out of the deep hole of my worst bottom. This bright light sees me working everyday to accept my imperfections while working to be a better person. We talk about it. We talk about how mommy was before and how I am now. She knows the difference and she knows that persistence and self love can bring anyone up from any deep well of misery. So I may not have inspired her to become some amazing business woman, athlete or politician, but now she’s inspired to be herself, embrace herself and love herself. That is what I want my legacy for Maya Nicole to be. 💜
#danalivingchemicalfree#perfectlyimperfect#perfectlyimperfectlife #mixedbabies#mixedkids #mixedgirls #love❤️

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